T-Shirts, iTunes and Friday Night Fun

So the most amazing T-Shirt shop in Eugene just completed a bunch of super awesome shirts for me this week.  Threadbare was amazing to work with and offered professional and exceptional service.  Amy, Brit, Rachael and her staff are a pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend them highly enough. 

This works out perfectly, seeing as how I have a CD Release show this Friday!  The fantastic people at Whirled Pies Downtown are allowing me to sweat and shuffle and croak from their stage in front of tens of modest and kind fans!  Huzzah!  I am so excited, not just to be playing again as it has been a while, but also to be able to take the stage with such amazing musicians. Pete Yaskovic, my longest musical compadre and fantastic friend, Lance Seiders, one of the best musicians I have ever had the pleasure to play with, Brent Cole my partner in musical crime (which is not a felony, at least in these parts), and Jesse Yonally, whose only talents greater than his amazing sax playing are his fly fishing and window artistry!

I am very blessed to have such a wonderful musical family to help me out!

Finally, I am officially on iTunes!  This is a big deal for me as I know that so many people are tied to their music providers and the more I can be a part of the better!  Thanks, CD Baby for helping me get into these markets.  

Oh, and thanks to "cbean62" for liking me on Radio Airplay.  It means a lot to me and it helps me find like artists that I can pair with to get my music out to the types of people that will appreciate them!

Love you all, and hopefully, I see you Friday!

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