Next Show, New Show, and Huge Thanks!

First off, next Saturday, January 27th, You, Me & Pete will be playing at Hot Mama's WIngs at the Oakway Center from 8:30 until we stop!  For more information, check out my shows page.  The photo above is from our most recent Bronco Saloon gig.  Unfortunately, licensing has blocked them from doing live music with covers, but hopefully we can work on getting enough originals o head back there and rock that Saloon!

Secondly, I just booked a new show at Silvan Ridge Winery in Eugene.  You can find out more info on my shows page, but it will be Friday, June 22nd and will feature the full band with some combo of Brent Cole, Jessey Yonally and/or Joel Skinner. I am super stoked and very thankful for Silvan Ridge for the opportunity!

Finally, a huge thanks to Whilred Pies Downtown in Eugene.  Our CD Release party was a big success and the venue was amazing. Great sound, amazing food and fantastic people run that spot. It is one of my new faves for Pizza and we will be playing there again February 9th with You, Me, & Pete.

Thank you all for your support and I am hoping for more big things in the future!  Huzzah!


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