New Album in 2020

Hey, as some of you may know, we have been in the studio trying to get a new album out in 2020. With all that is going on in the world, adding music to it seems like the best thing we can do.  Currently, we have three songs ready to go in The Argument Song, Right Now!, and Trouble. Thre are at least 4 more in the works and a few pieces of songs that might develop into something worth adding. 

Please check back often for updates!  Also, feel free to subscribe to our band for a lot of extra goodies we are offering out there. 

In addition, I will be adding shows to our events page that feature one or all of the members of the Truckstop Handshakes. As well as some of our friends. As venues are closing up while taking actions to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, I cannot guarantee that all or any of the shows will happen. So please check back and please li9sten to your comfort level in the current state of the world as to whether you come to a show or not. We know you love us!

Thanks for everything and look out for more new content and tracks from us!



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