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Hey everyone, sorry about the huge dealys in commenting here, but life has been crazy as can be!  I am extremely excited about the last few shows. In June the Handshakes and I played Creswell, Coffee, Harley-Davidson,  Silvan Ridge Winery, Bohemia Days in Cottage Grove, and this weekend the Art and the Vineyard festival in Eugene, OR.  It was a great month of music and mirth as we start to get our live show dialled in.  I especially want to thank all those venues for being such great hosts and for presenting an atmosphere that my whole family can enjoy.   I have loved all of them!

Right now. things are so busy on the music and life front that my updates have been sparce. I hope to fix this, both here and on Patreon. So here we go:


1. Studio:
I am trying to get to the studio this week or next week to start finishing up my latest single Right Now!  I also have three other songs in the works, though one that I am going to kind of let percalate a bit more bfore I dive in. 

2. Live:
I have a show this Wednesday at the Oakway Center in Eugene with You, Me, and Pete. The great Jesse Yonally should be sitting in with us on Sax, so make sure you check it out!  After that, I have a few shows with Gretchen Owens in August at the Douglans and Josephine County Fairs, as well as Mertyle Creek concert in the park. In addition, i will be sitting in with Lori LeMasters for a few winery shows this month. All in all August and July look to be great months of playing. 

In terms of the Truckstop Handshakes, we have a show at the Bronco Saloon on the 20th of July, which should be a blast!

3. Music:
The reality of being an indie artist is that it is a lot of work.  Which shouldn't be a shock to anyone, but I am in a spot where I am not being able to do too much administrative work because shows are taking up all me free time. So I apologize for some dealys. That being said, a few things have opened up.  KNND AM is playing some tracks from my album, and I am starting to get some offers for some festivals in the area.  With the new music coming out, I am going to narrow down my focus and try and really work singles, and then go from there. I also am trying to find a better audience for my music.  Spotify is easy, but to be honest, my brand of music isn't the besat fit for that. So I am looking at different avenues for getting the word out about our songs.


I am very fortunate to have had such a busy and wonderful summer of music. It has taught me a lot and will hopefully be a good springboard to make the rest of 2018 and 2019 the best possible for this music.  I am more excited than ever!  Thanbk you to all the new fans we have picked up this summer and to all the great fans that have helped turn this into anything at all. Without you there is no music!


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