CD Baby Here I Come!

Happy New Year from me to all of you!  I hope you had amazing times this holiday season and that everyone came through unscathed both physially and mentally. I think this year will be a good one!

Today I was able to get the last few steps of the CD Baby publication process done.  I have no idea how it will go or work, but there are some discounts there that are not on my site because of the nature of CD Baby and the markets I am trying to reach.  

Here is the listing on CDBaby.  It is kind of cool to be a part of not just an established site that has helped a lot of artists get their music out there, but also a local Portland, Oregon company.

I am also getting ready for my show on the 12th. I will be practicing tomorrow night with the guys and then one more final practice the following Wednesday as we prepare for the show. it has been a super exciting time and I feel very fortunate to have guys like Pete Yaskovic and Lance Seiders helping out. It is also pretty special to have Brent Cole and Joel Skinner helping out. Brent will be a fixture from now on as well. I have no idea what all this will mean, but hopefully we can get to a point where we are able to play shows that help us keep making music together. 

Hope you have an amazing week!  I will hopefully have some photos from practice to post this week!

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