Thoughts From The Truckstop

New Album in 2020 

Hey, as some of you may know, we have been in the studio trying to get a new album out in 2020. With all that is going on in the world, adding music to it seems like the best thing we can do.  Currently, we have three songs ready to go in The Argument Song, Right Now!, and Trouble. Thre are at least 4 more in the works and a few pieces of songs that might develop into something worth adding. 

Please check back often for updates!  Also, feel free to subscribe to our band for a lot of extra goodies we are…

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Long time no chat! 


Hey everyone, sorry about the huge dealys in commenting here, but life has been crazy as can be!  I am extremely excited about the last few shows. In June the Handshakes and I played Creswell, Coffee, Harley-Davidson,  Silvan Ridge Winery, Bohemia Days in Cottage Grove, and this weekend the Art and the Vineyard festival in Eugene, OR.  It was a great month of music and mirth as we start to get our live show dialled in.  I especially want to thank all those venues for being such great hosts and for…

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Patreon, Music Business and Motivation 

First of all, before I get into some news/editorial, I just wanted to promote You, Me, & Pete playing at Hot Mama's in Oakway next Friday.  While that photo is a Gretchen Owens show at the great Cedarwood Saloon in Grants Pass, those same 3 fella's will be rocking out at an appropriate volume next week. 


I just launched my Patreon page this week.  I am going to be doing some video for it and trying to get more information on that platform, but it is just one of many tools that help keep the…

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Next Show, New Show, and Huge Thanks! 

First off, next Saturday, January 27th, You, Me & Pete will be playing at Hot Mama's WIngs at the Oakway Center from 8:30 until we stop!  For more information, check out my shows page.  The photo above is from our most recent Bronco Saloon gig.  Unfortunately, licensing has blocked them from doing live music with covers, but hopefully we can work on getting enough originals o head back there and rock that Saloon!

Secondly, I just booked a new show at Silvan Ridge Winery in Eugene.  You can find out more…

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Game Night! 

Big show tonight!  CD Release at Whirled Pies!  The band has been working their fingers and hands off getting ready and I am excited!

If you come to the show make sure you stop by and say hi before you go. We are all family here!

Cannot wait!  See you there -