Peter Riley Osborne is a Eugene, Oregon musician who has played in the area for the last decade.  While playing lead guitar for Southern Oregon's Gretchen Owens, Riley Osborne has toured around the northwest playing in front of thousands of fans.  Peter has also been a featured artist or guitarist for local artists such as You, Me & Pete, LeMaster Abrams, Michael Conley, and Jeri James

A veteran guitarist of 20 years, Peter has been playing in bands for the last seven years in and around Oregon.  With roots in Rock & Roll, Soul, and Blues, he draws from many genres in each song.  While mostly known as a guitarist, Riley Osborne has found a niche with his raspy voice and honest songwriting. 

Currently, Peter is celebrating the release of his first ever studio album.  Supported by his band the Truckstop Handshakes (Pete Yaskovic, Lance Seiders, and Brent Cole) Peter hopes to bring his music to the stages of the Mid Valley and hopes to see you there!

Peter Riley Osborne proudly plays Godin Guitars.

Peter Riley Osborne proudly plays Godin Guitars.

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